Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spiritual Nurturers

This blog is not intended to deny anyone of any religion or spiritual journey you may be on. We are all on one. I teach in a non-sectarian Montessori school with the many religions and cultures in my very own classroom. I myself am on my own religious journey. You may be wondering, "What does she practice?",  "Does she attend church?" and/or  "Does she believe in God."  I believe those are very important questions to make a quick judgement of this blog, however it is not my intention at all. You may be Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Hindu, Buddist, Baha'i', Native American or believe in another religion. Welcome. Our common bond is we are all "spiritual nurturers".

What we do as Montessori teacher's is much larger than we can ever imagine. Our connection with all our children that we encounter is extremely precious.  Spirituality is and has always been present in our classrooms. You may have seen a child help another by picking up beans off the floor, reading to another child, giving a child a picture they just drew. A child may be sitting quietly outside in the garden. These are all aspects of spirituality. Some believe spirituality is present with the religion that they believe in. But as Montessorians in a non-sectarian school, we cannot "teach" a religion but may have to see "spirituality in a much broader sense" (Wolf, 16). It is everyday acts such as compassion, generosity, helpfulness, love, trust and more virtues we can share with the children. How do we show compassion? How are we generous? I am helpful to others by....., I show love when....

"The greatest challenge we all face as spiritual nurturers is to become attuned to the young child's authentic spirituality, which unlike our own - is still such an integrated part of life...Children's exuberant spirituality is reflected in everything they do...A child shows us the extraordinary in the ordinary." (Wolf/Fitzpatrick, p.29)

Quotations from:
Nurturing the Spirits in Non-Sectarian Classrooms,  Aline D. Wolf

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