Thursday, July 14, 2011

Child of the Week: Montessori Lesson Plan

Child of the Week

Poster board
Pictures or drawings
Art Supplies (crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint, etc.)
This is a lesson that will be done at home with their families the week before their assigned date.  The teacher will give the parents instructions and questions two weeks before their assigned date.  On Monday, the child will bring in their poster.
1.       The child will tell the class about themselves and read or the teacher will assist them.
2.       The child will share photographs and pictures.
3.       The child may also share a favorite book or share their     favorite thing.
Points of Interest:
1.       Spending time with parents
2.       Art
3.       Looking at photographs
Direct Aims:
1.       Order
2.       Sequence
3.       Following directions
4.       Thinking
5.       Organization
Indirect Aims:
1.       Awareness of Self
2.       Nurturing the Spirit
3.       Confidence
4.       Able to share with peers
Control of Error:
Parents and Teacher
The children can make a booklet form and share a story about themselves. They can bring in something to share (excluding toys), something they made (food or art) or their pet.

Parent Instructions:  Sample
Hello Mr. and Mrs. Smith,
Next week Kate is going to be the “Child of the Week”. We would like for you to help her answer questions about herself, include a photograph and create a poster board display. She will be sharing this with her class on Monday. Be creative and take your time.
Have Fun,
Mrs. Wilson
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