Monday, July 4, 2011


"To see the child as he is, is made difficult for us as adults on account of our own defects. Between us and the baptized child lies the gulf created by our own sins. Because of this defective vision the adult is generally to much occupied in looking for defective tendencies also in the child and seeking to correct them. We must first remove the beam from our own eyes, and then we shall see more clearly how to remove the mote in the child's. In the "removing of the beam from her own eyes" consists the spiritual training of the teacher." - Maria Montessori, Her Life and Work. (p.300-301)

The answers have always been in front of me. Some were simple, "What are you grateful for?" or "Who do you love?" and some were a little difficult "What is your biggest regret?" or "What was the toughest time in your life?"  for me to answer and just to say it out loud.  This activity was self-searching and brought an awareness to myself. But amazingly it was very liberating. The questions can be found in a previous post, A Montessori Teacher's Mask?.

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