Friday, July 8, 2011

Child of the Week - Beginning With Inner Peace

I find myself realizing that my journey of nurturing my own spirit and nurturing the children will coincide. I don't know about you but the beginning of the school year "itch" has already begun. I always find myself planning the cultural scheme first. In the first month of school I also plan lessons that will relate to the caring of themselves, the environment and each other. In Aline E. Wolf's, Nurturing the Spirit, she says "If children like adults, feel peace in their hearts, they can more easily relate peacefully to those around them." One of the lessons on building self love uses "Child of the Week" to acknowledge the importance of each of the child. This will allow the child to develop awareness of themselves, self worth, confidence and to be able to share with their peers. Wolf warns us about the "shallowness" of the questions, such as "What I watch on TV," or "What I want for presents." At this time I am complying a list of questions that would be suitable for a 3-6 year old to answer. It will include their name, birthday and the town and state in which they live in.

I like to be helpful by ___________.
I would like to learn about ________.
I find peace in __________________.

I would love for us as Montessorians to come together and brainstorm questions that will not be superficial. My goal is to help guide the children to an inner peace and spirit for themselves. In the next week I would love to have 10-12 questions and I look forward to sharing them with you.

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