Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Teacher, Prepare Self

The Mindful Montessori blog has come to fruition as a goal for my Montessori classroom in 2011-2012 school year. Every year, the Head of School will give all staff members a Professional Development and Goal Setting form that will has several questions. The final question is "What are your two goals for next year?" In the years past, I remember having....finish my Montessori training.....a clean and organized closet...consistent daily record keeping....and now nurturing the spirit. Over time, this has been an area of my montessori environment I have not given as much attention to as I  would like. As time has gone by I began to observe playing the "Silence Game" and Grace and Courtesy lessons are not a Montessorian's only option to establish mindfulness. So where do I begin?...with myself.
This is my summer plan to begin my practice.
  • Reading...Nurturing the Spirit, In Non-Sectarian Classrooms ...and any books that I come across I will share.
  • Workbook...Shining Through, A Teacher's Handbook on Transformation
  • Yoga classes,  2-3 times a week
  • Daily Meditation
  • Journal writing 
Mindful Montessori will include topics of The Teacher's Preparation, The Environment and Mindfulness Practices. I am looking forward to a Mindfulness year.

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