Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Montessori Teacher's Thoughts

What is Mindfulness to me?
Mindfulness is having focused attention to internal and external experiences in the present moment of time, without judgment.
Mindfulness has its origins in the Buddhist tradition. However, Mindfulness practices have been used in treatments for stress, chronic pain, anxiety and others. Researchers suggest this type of training can benefit in everyday life.
Why am I practicing Yoga and Meditating?
Mind and Body of course!
I honestly love Yoga! I am not a fan of “exercise”.  I cannot see myself running miles every day even though I am quit envious of those that can.  It is something that I feel is a way for me to be completely present at what I am doing. Meditation is something that my sister has recommended to me. This is something that is getting better and better with time.  I was so excited when I meditated for 12 minutes today, allowing thoughts and body pain come and go …and then centering myself.
What have I noticed in this short period of time?  
v  Peaceful mind
v  Listening attentively to others.
v  Enjoying my time, not always thinking what’s next?
v  My mind is not on the go.

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